Andrew Sullivan Rips MSNBC For Hiring Alec Baldwin

"What a bunch of hypocrites and phonies on that propaganda network."

In his Thursday evening "Best of the Dish" column, Andrew Sullivan tore into the hypocrisy of MSNBC for keeping Alec Baldwin on air despite the "I Said 'Fathead' not 'C***sucking F*g'" affair, his second bigoted outburst in the past five months. While Sullivan referred to Baldwin as a “homophobic bigot,” his harshest venom was for the "hypocrites and phonies on that propaganda network."

The continued violent and homophobic bigotry of Alec Baldwin, liberal MSNBC’s star. What a bunch of hypocrites and phonies on that propaganda network. They’re almost as bad as GLAAD, which has finally – finally – criticized the bigot. But, of course, they haven’t called on MSNBC to fire him. Baldwin, for his part, actually tried to claim he said “fathead” instead of “fag”! And then – no, I’m not making it up –insisted that he had no idea that the word “cocksucker” had a gay connotation. 

There will be no consequences. With liberal homophobes, there never are. If you’re a conservative and are caught yelling these slurs at random people, you’d be fired pronto or buried in an avalanche of gay protest. If you’re a self-entitled liberal, you’re fine. What, I wonder, will MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Thomas Roberts and Jonathan Capehart say about this? Nothing, I’ll bet you.

TruthRevolt has launched a petition asking MSNBC to dump Baldwin. No one should be allowed to make such comments regularly and get away with it. Tell MSNBC to cancel Baldwin’s show, and tell his sponsors to stop supporting him by clicking here and going to the petition page.