Andrea Mitchell Fawns Over Kerry, Fears Trump Could 'Undo' His 'Hard Work' on Israel

"With all your hard work and passionate belief in a two-state solution..."

Of course we could never expect mainstream media to provide any pushback over John Kerry's (to refer to him as a Secretary of State, at this point, is just further insult to the office) shameful, anti-Israel screed delivered Wednesday. 

Instead, NBC News correspondent and Hillary Clinton-sycophant Andrea Mitchell fawned over Kerry during an exclusive follow-up interview. According to Newsbusters, which provides the video clip below, Mitchell "gushed over how Kerry’s 70-minute-plus remarks were 'unusual' representing 'an important moment'" despite President-elect Donald Trump's disapproval of the current administration's stance. 

"How difficult is it for you to operate in this atmosphere where the President-elect is communicating directly with Prime Minister Netanyahu?" Mitchell asked of Kerry before fretting that Trump had too much influence over Egypt's president. 

"But also that is an impact because he had a direct impact. He called Egypt's president. As a result of his call, of Prime Minister Netanyahu's call, Egypt pulled down the resolution. That is part of the reason you were then accused of orchestrating other sponsors of it," Mitchell added. 


“Could you possibly be making it worse by making the speech now?" Mitchell asked. "Are you pushing Netanyahu into moving to the right because of his own domestic politics?" 

Kerry deflected, of course, and insisted the administration had nothing to do with crafting the U.N. anti-Israel resolution even though anyone with a brainstem knows otherwise. 

Newsbusters notes that the worst part of the interview "came later when Mitchell worried that the Obama administration’s progress (or lack thereof, depending on your view) could be wiped out when Trump takes office":

MITCHELL: How much was Donald Trump's choice of an Ambassador to Israel someone who has been described as to the right of Netanyahu, who is so pro-settlement, how much is that behind your thinking in making your speeches? 

KERRY: None. I haven't considered it. 

MITCHELL: But how disappointed are you after all the work you have done?

By the waning moments of the ten-minute-plus live interview, Mitchell seemed equally if not more concerned about Kerry’s legacy than Kerry himself:

MITCHELL: If — with all the work that you have put into this and with your firm passionate belief in the two-state solution which goes at least 37 years, what is the prospect for a two-state solution if the stated proposals of Donald Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu and the other members of his coalition in particular, if those policies proceed? What is the possibility for a two-state solution?

It was truly one of the darkest days for American diplomacy ever witnessed and all that can be said in the wake of the damage done, is that January 20th cannot come soon enough.