And Right on Cue, CNN Panelists Blame Guns for Dallas Massacre

Let's never place responsibility where it really lies.

Right on cue. 

It took less than a couple of hours following the massacre of police officers in Dallas Thursday night for the mainstream media to blame it on gun violence. 

CNN's Don Lemon hosted the panel around 1:00 a.m. Friday to tout gun control and debate fire power. Political commentator Charles Blow and liberal attorney Areva Martin participated. Newsbusters provides the video and relevant portions of the transcript: 

BLOW: I think we need to put a pin in it because we have to come back to this discussion about the idea that people that, you know, more and more people are in open carry states. They can carry these sorts of weapons around. Police don't know if the person who has the weapon out in the open is just a protester or not and that puts them in a very kind of awkward position of having to make guesses about it and that’s not what we want as a society.

Liberal activist and attorney Areva Martin picked up on Blow’s argument to tout the initial person of interest who was later seen by many to not be a shooter and their decision to openly carry a gun at the Black Lives Matter protest:

[H]e was a man walking around with a rifle and they didn't know if that was normal or not. That is scary to me as a parent. That’s scary to me as an American, as a woman, as an African-American woman that I could be in a city at a protest and someone is walking around with a high powered assault rifle and yet, I don't know if that is okay.

Martin added that the idea of open carry is “a really scary — I think proposition, an issue we have to deal with in this country and it goes right to that gun issue and it’s so divisive.”

Blow added, "If I may say, open carry just started in January in Texas so this is a new phenomenon for all of the citizens there."

Surprisingly, Lemon concluded by saying he would save the gun debate for another day.