American Student Trapped In Giant Vagina Sculpture

Insert "Paging Dr. Freud" joke here

A 20-year-old American exchange student who was acting on a dare ended up requiring the assistance of emergency personnel after getting stuck in the middle of a giant sculpture in the shape of a vagina.  An NBC news article on the rescue noted the student had climbed into the six-foot statue, which is valued at over $200,000, to pose for "an unusual" photo:

A total of 22 rescue workers with special equipment were deployed to the scene in the southern Germany city of Tuebingen on Friday to free the 20-year-old but a “forceps delivery was not necessary," local newspaper Schwaebisches Tagblatt noted. "We were able to pull the victim out with our bare hands after about 30 minutes," Mozer added. 

The statue has been outside a local university clinic's microbiology and virology department for over a decade.