'AMERICAN SOLDIERS WATCH YOUR BACK': U.S. Central Command Twitter & YouTube Pages Hacked


The United States Central Command (CENTCOM) Twitter account has been hacked by apparent ISIS sympathizers. The CENTCOM YouTube page has also been hacked and currently is hosting two ISIS recruitment videos. Some images of the tweets are included below, although we have inserted the TruthRevolt logo to obscure personal information about those hacked: 

Sensitive documents including personal information of individual military members were among the items posted to the Twitter account. The Daily Beast attempted to contact CENTCOM regarding the social media hacking, but were not able to get a comment because "we are all working on it." The Twitter account was suspended just before this article was published.

At the White House press briefing, Josh Earnest stated that he did not have much information because the event was too new, but stressed that people reporting the story should remember there is a "significant difference" between a hack of data held by CENTCOM, and a hack to gain access to their social media accounts. Truth Revolt will update as information becomes available.

(h/t @redsoutrage)