American Representative at Paris Unity Rally Was Big Obama Bundler

She tweeted photos of her view of the crowd, which she wrote was 'Très émouvant.'

As world leaders gathered in Paris, joining several million protesters marching in favor of free expression and western values and in opposition of radical Islamic terror, many wondered who represented the United States of America at this historic occasion. 

Outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder was sent to France to participate in meetings focused on efforts to combat terrorism but he did not participate in the rally. The American representative was the US Ambassador to France, Jane Hartley. 

Jane Hartley was a top bundler for the Obama campaign where she personally accounted for over $800,000 in donations. 

An opinion piece on the pages of Politico called the decision to send Hartley "Obama's French Kiss-Off":

There was “an Administration presence at the rally,” a White House aide insisted Sunday afternoon in a background statement sent to a number of news outlets by way of explanation: “Ambassador Hartley is there.”

That’s Jane Hartley, the former Obama bundler whom he sent to France last year, and whom even most insiders in Washington and Paris couldn’t pick out of a crowd. Instead, she tweeted photos of her view of the crowd, which she wrote was “Très émouvant.” (Very moving.)