America: Costco Pulls D'Souza Book From Shelves

Store denies any political motive for yanking book critical of Obama

Big box retail giant Costco is denying that its decision to pull a book that criticizes Barack Obama from its shelves was politically motivated. World Net Daily broke the story that Costco, whose co-founder and CEO James Sinegal has been a major supporter of President Obama, decided to remove all copies of America: Imagine a World Without Her from the store by July 15th.

When asked about the move, CFO Richard Galanti said it was a business decision:

He said the decision to pull D’Souza’s book was not political but was based solely on sales, arguing Costco’s national goal is to market books that show up on the New York Times bestseller list.

The book will make the New York Times list July 13.

Galanti was unable to explain why the store would pull the books just as the film based on the book was being released in theaters nationwide.