‘Alt-Right’ Gets an Official Entry in Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Along with “froyo” and the elusive internet “troll.”

Well, it’s official: “Alt-right” is now in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, along with over 250 other modern words and phrases.

As Business Insider noted, Merriam-Webster defined “alt-right,” which has been in use since 2009, as “a right-wing, primarily online political movement or grouping based in the US whose members reject mainstream conservative politics and espouse extremist beliefs and policies typically centered on ideas of white nationalism."

Of course, that’s not how anybody on the Left defines “alt-right.” To them, it’s a blanket term for all conservatives. Perhaps they could memorize that definition and properly apply the label.

"Our job as lexicographers is to follow the development of language, defining the words people are likely to encounter,” said the associate editor of the dictionary, Emily Brewster. "These new words have been added to the dictionary because they have established themselves in the English language, and are part of the current, active vocabulary of America."

Other terms include “dog whistle,” not the thing that calls a dog but the “expression or statement that has a secondary meaning intended to be understood only by a particular group of people."

“Froyo” is another word added, which is shorthand for “frozen yogurt.” We’re not sure why that deserved its own entry. There was another curious addition with the verb “pregame,” which now apparently means “to begin drinking alcohol before an event or activity (such as a party or a night out).” 

And no more is a “troll” just a mythical creature that hides under a bridge. The definition now includes that pesky leftist online who won’t stop making stupid comments on every post. After all, thanks to the Internet, our language has become a “word salad,” or “a string of empty, incoherent, unintelligible, or nonsensical words or comments.” That also made the cut for the latest edition.