Al Sharpton Offers More Thanksgiving Talking Points

Sharpton offered to help his viewers fight "right-winged talking points."

The trend of MSNBC hosts discussing "talking points" for their liberal viewers to use over Thanksgiving in reference to their Republican family members continued on Politics Nation with Al Sharpton. Al gave his viewers idea of how to "debunk" their conservative relative's political opinions.

Sharpton said Thanksgiving was about being grateful and celebrating family and friends, but added a caveat:

...but, we know what else it means. That aunt or uncle, who watches Fox News all day is coming to dinner... 

He continued that the aunt or uncle will fill his audience's weekend with "conspiracy theories" and "right-winged talking points," but fortunately for his audience, Sharpton offered help - straw man talking points meant to divert attention from President Obama's collapsing poll numbers and Obamacare disaster.

The talking points were cross-posted on the PoliticsNation Twitter feed.



The fact that anyone would boast about Obamacare bringing insurance to "half a million people in 2014" when it has already caused ten-times more people to lose their insurance is so grotesquely absurd that it really shouldn't merit comment, but you can't blame a liberal for trying.

Of course, we at TruthRevolt recommend avoiding any discussion of politics around the Thanksgiving table this year. Gloating is just so unbecoming on a day set aside for gratitude.