Al Gore 10 Years Ago: Earth Will Reach Point of No Return in 10 Years

According to our calculations… that's now!

Ten years ago in 2006, Al Gore was at the Sundance Film Festival premiering his global warming documentary An Inconvenient Truth with a warning to everyone that unless something is done and fast, the Earth will be speeding toward its ruin. 

In a more specific prediction at that time, Gore said if the world continues to ignore the issue and refuse to take steps to reduce greenhouse gases within the next 10 years, "the world will reach a point of no return."

But seeing as the 2016 Sundance Film Festival just occurred and no one was walking the red carpet in solar-safety suits, he was a little off.

Of course, being wrong has never stopped the former vice president from his environmental crusade. Why, Al Gore flies privately all over the world in fuel-guzzling jets to spread his message of reducing carbon emissions. When not painting the sky with vapor trails, Gore can be found in one of his many climate-controlled mansions writing speeches and books, or spotted riding in a cavalcade of SUVs to get coffee or to make an appearance. 

Really, he should be glad he was wrong, because it just gives him that much more time to profit off of his apocalyptic fodder. Even now, he's gathering "experts" to hightail it over to the Philippines this year for yet another climate summit:



NOW we must act... again:




H/T The Daily Caller