AIPAC Protesters Get Ugly and Violent

“Burn in hell, Zionist scum!”

The must-read site Legal Insurrection reports that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) turned ugly and violent Sunday, 

Yesterday was a rally for Palestine, and the estimated 200-300 protesters marched to the conference location where they heckled people trying to enter. Code Pink's ubiquitous Medea Benjamin and Code Pink cohort Ariel Gold can be seen in the video above, in which an AIPAC attendee is beaten and chased by the crowd. A woman can also be heard screaming, "Burn in hell, Zionist [scum?]!"

Legal Insurrection also notes that Townhall reporter Leigh Wolf recounted how the anti-AIPAC crowd falsely claimed a journalist was attacked by AIPAC attendees:

The “journalist” is ANSWER coalition member Mike Prysner. Far from a journalist, he is in fact with the organizers of the Anti-Israel protest….

But the journalist who is claiming he was attacked by an AIPAC attendee seems to forget that I filmed him threatening two conference attendees.

The first video is the incident itself showing AIPAC members fleeing an angry mob.

The Anti-Israel crowd could be heard screaming “run inside” and “that’s what you get. …

The second video is my interaction with the journalist who claims he was attacked. This video was taken moments before the incident. He can be heard warning AIPAC attendees that they are “lucky” the police are close by.

Legal Insurrection posted more videos from Twitter: 

AIPAC is an annual policy conference held in Washington, D.C. This year there were approximately 18,000 attendees.