After Endorsing Trump, NFL Legend Herschel Walker Finds Out Just How Tolerant Libs Are

He's been blackballed.

NFL star Herschel Walker is learning that you cannot be a celebrity -- especially an African American celebrity -- and endorse Donald Trump without expecting some grave repercussions. 

Walker spoke to TMZ about the fallout he's experienced since publicly endorsing Donald Trump. According to the athlete, he is now routinely disinvited from events and speaking engagements in the wake of his Trump endorsement.

The Heisman Trophy winner was once a contestant on Trump's Celebrity Apprentice reality show, and said his former boss is a brilliant man who will make good on his promise to "make America great again."

Walker says he's been blackballed from at least three speaking engagements. The organizers for one event in California claim they were fearful that "anti-Trump" protestors might turn up to the event. 

This is not the first time Walker has had to defend himself or his candidate from the usual online-progressive mob:

Fortunately, Walker is not kowtowing to the social justice warriors and says he will not revoke his endorsement of Donald Trump -- no matter the consequence. Walker maintains that Trump is still "the best man for the job."