Activists Want 'Racist' Pro-Life Billboards Pulled

Ads "facilitate the erasure of black women"

A new billboard sponsored by ProLife Across America has some Atlanta abortion activists calling for its removal. The reason: it's racist for featuring an image of a black child and sexist for calling her "Dad's Princess." 

The ad features an African American baby and reads "Dad’s Princess," followed "#heartbeatat18days."


A group called Sister Song staged a protest last week calling for the "racist"/"sexist" billboard's removal, and local NBC News affiliate WXIA spoke with some of the participants. (The NBC affiliate made clear which side of the issue it stood on with the title of its report: "Anti-Abortion Billboard Targets Black Atlanta.")

"All they do is attempt to shame women and condemn the choices that they make," Planned Parenthood's Nikema Williams told WXIA. "Just coming in and telling a community what they want or need, which is what the people who put these billboards up are doing, is not the way to go. We should bring the community together and talk about issues."

"We want them to use the money, maybe to feed children," said Democrat State Sen. Vincent Fort. "Use that money to make sure that children get healthcare."

The Daily Caller notes that the same ad was met with similar outrage in a Memphis community last month, where one local pastor condemned the billboard for trying to "facilitate the erasure of black women":

A local pastor, Earle Fisher, claimed the ad suggested black men should tell women how to control their bodies because black women can’t do it themselves.

"To use black men like me to facilitate the erasure of black women like my wife and others from the conversation about their own bodies is not only propaganda, it’s pathetic and repulsive," he told Raycom News Network.

ProLife Across America is a non-profit pro-life group that has launched a series of billboard ads, with campaigns already run in 44 states and in Canada.

Here are a few of the group's other (not "racist" but probably "sexist"?) billboards (via TheDC):