Absurdity: Transgender Men Allowed in Women's NHL

"This is really a groundbreaking policy in professional sports."

Men posing as women may now compete in the National Women's Hockey League (NWHL) so long as they just believe in their fantasy. The organization already has one trans player, a woman posing as a man, who wouldn't last 10 seconds in the men's NHL. 

In an interview with The New York Times, NWHL Commissioner Dani Rylan discussed the new three-page guidelines in support of "athletes choosing to express their gender beyond the binary of female and male."

"It's a unique opportunity to continue to move the conversation forward and accelerate that social progress and to be that benchmark and to remain approachable and available for these discussions," said Rylan. 

Since men tend to have an obvious and natural physical advantage over women in sports, NWHL has taken certain, albeit ridiculous, precautions to ensure no one enters just to dominate the sport, which includes them attaining testosterone levels " within typical limits of women athletes" and will require the male players to live as women for four years following their "transition." 

The trans community has welcomed the new guidelines with open arms. Chris Mosier, a triathlete woman posing as a man, called it "groundbreaking."

"This is really a groundbreaking policy in professional sports, and specifically in women's professional sports," said Mosier

"Being a women's league, they want to make sure their players are protected," said Mosier. "This is a really unique opportunity for them on taking the lead that others can look to as one to replicate."