ABC Touts Itself In Hillary interview

Brags about its "cleverest" question to Hillary about 2016

ABC boasted its prowess for asking a common question in the "cleverest" of ways, in an article about Robin Roberts's interview with Hillary Clinton published Thursday. 

During a interview with the presumed presidential candidate, ABC's Roberts asked the former Secretary of State and 2008 Presidential candidate if she would be running again, but did so in what ABC  called an "unpredictable way":

“Were you to run for president in 2016, would you consider Elizabeth Warren or Julian Castro for your running mate?” ABC’s Robin Roberts asked Clinton, referring to her potential vice president pick should she seek the presidency, which she has yet to do.   

“Oh my goodness,” Clinton responded, seeming surprised.

ABC's article about the interview, while noting that the question received no more of an answer than any others, said the question was noteworthy for its originality despite the fact that it did not elicit an answer:

Clinton wouldn’t answer the hypothetical, but conceded the tactic was pretty original.

“I’ve been asked this question many different ways,” she said, to audience laughter. “This is one of the cleverest.”