ABC News Publishes Video of Hillary Avoiding Press for 88 Days Straight

"I'll let you take your selfie first… priorities, ha!"

Before Super Tuesday, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had blocked all media availability for 88 days straight. This meant that if reporters wanted answers, they had to bombard her with questions at the rope line during campaign stops. But even then, Clinton wasn't offering anything.

This was obviously a frustration for ABC News and so they edited together various pieces of footage showing Clinton's uncanny ability to be addressed directly and ignore the question completely. Apparently it's difficult to smile for selfies with supporters and talk to the press at the same time:

Hillary Clinton Takes Questions From Her Traveling Press for F...

Watch Hillary Clinton avoid reporters' questions for 88 days straight:

Posted by ABC News Politics on Wednesday, March 2, 2016

But finally, on Super Tuesday, Clinton broke her silence and the reporters let the questions fly:

How will you do on Super Tuesday?

Does Bernie Sanders have a path forward after Super Tuesday?

Will Donald Trump be the eventual nominee?

Not exactly the hard stuff, proving that when the press does get their chance, they completely blow it with the softest of softballs.

Nice video attack, ABC. Too bad you can't deliver when it counts.