9/11 Truther Disrupts Post-Super Bowl News Conference

"Investigate 9/11!"

During a post-Super Bowl news conference, Seattle Seahawks MVP Malcolm Smith was interrupted when a 9/11 truther grabbed his microphone and yelled, "Investigate 9/11!"

Matthew Mills, 30, was arrested shortly after the incident. Mills, an independent journalist, tells NJ.com that he got through "layers of security" using a lanyard with credentials from a previous event he had covered. 

Mills hopped an employee bus to the stadium and then worked his way through security by saying he was late for work. Mills said he was dumbfounded, according to NJ.com. After the game, he worked his way into the media tent and seized the opportunity to get his message out there.

Mills grabbed MVP Malcolm Smith's mic and said:

Investigate 9/11. 9/11 was perpetrated by people in our own government.

Smith followed up with, "Is everybody alright?"