71% of Doctors 'Seriously' Concerned About Hillary's Health, Say It Could Be Disqualifying

But they should "get a life" ... right?

When questions arise concerning Hillary Clinton's health, will her campaign tell the majority of American doctors to "get a life"? That's what the Hillary camp did recently when one reporter had the temerity to question the candidate's protracted coughing fit. 

Findings from a new survey conducted by the long-standing Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) reveal that 71 percent -- a majority -- of doctors polled have "serious" concerns over Hillary Clinton's health and that it could be a "disqualifying" factor in the U.S. Presidential Elections. 

Details of the survey were published Thursday in a press release by PRNewswire

Concerns about Hillary Clinton's health are "serious—could be disqualifying for the position of President of the U.S.," say nearly 71% of 250 physicians responding to an informal internet survey by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS). About 20% said concerns were "likely overblown, but should be addressed as by full release of medical records." Only 2.7% responded that they were "just a political attack; I have confidence in the letter from her physician and see no cause for concern." 

While more than 81% were aware of her history of a concussion, only 59% were aware of the cerebral sinus thrombosis, and 52% of the history of deep venous thrombosis.

What's more, 78 percent of the physicians said media has "not [placed] enough emphasis" on Hillary Clinton's health and most doctors -- two-thirds -- said that physicians who have concerns about a political candidate's heath and ability to serve in office have an obligation to "make the concerns known to the public." 

Nearly one hundred of the physicians also conveyed specific comments about Clinton's medical history: 

One said that "the public interest will ALWAYS override either privacy rights or rights of self-determination in the case of a presidential candidate." Another mentioned Clinton's "so called loss of memory claimed during her FBI questioning about her email server."  Beyond the specific questions, one remarked that "I think that the candidate should be honest with the public about his/her health!" The history of the concussion was concerning: "The public must watch the movie Concussion to realize that such an injury does affect thought process."

PRNewsire notes that a Gravis Marketing poll of voters revealed that nearly half were unaware of the "well documented major health issues that Hillary Clinton has." This made all the more troubling by the fact that AAPS executive director Jane M. Orient said, "both physicians and other voters think that health concerns are relevant when choosing a presidential candidate": 

"However, more than 40% of physician respondents were unaware of the cerebral sinus thrombosis, and the vast majority of voters were not aware of all of Clinton's problems or their potential serious long-term implications for cognitive function," Orient added. 

Below are graphs taken from the AAPS survey -- but you know, anyone who has raised reasonable questions about the state of Mrs. Clinton's health needs to "get a life."