3 LA City Councilmembers Launch Study to Determine If Fracking Caused Earthquake

After widespread speculation by the Twitterverse that fracking caused the earthquake that shook Los Angeles on Monday, three LA City Council members have now moved to begin a study on whether indeed fracking could be behind the seismic event. Councilmen Paul Koretz, Bernard Parks, and Mike Bonin have asked city departments to work with the US Geological Survey, the South Coast Air Quality Management District, and the California Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources to determine whether fracking contributed to the earthquake.

The City Council has already moved to ban fracking within the city. The City Council vote was a unanimous 10-0, with Parks telling the press, “We’ve learned a great deal about the problems with fracking, and it is because of these grassroots groups that we’ve been educated.”

The proposed motion read, “It is crucial to the health and safety of the City’s residents to understand the seismic impacts of oil and gas extraction activities in the City.” Seismologist Lucy Jones told the LA Times that the theory “sounds implausible…Induced earthquakes are almost always shallower than this.”