2016 Fear: Biden, Clinton Distance Themselves From Obama

A pair of top presidential contenders for the 2016 Democratic nomination are distancing themselves from President Obama after his decision to trade five top-level Taliban terrorists for a U.S. soldier his comrades say deserted the Army.

Vice President Joe Biden did not support the swap to win release of Sgt. Bow Bergdahl, according to Reuters.

While Vice President Joe Biden was neutral on the prisoner swap. Obama and two top White House advisers, then-national security adviser Thomas Donilon and his deputy Denis McDonough, were all in favor, one official said. Donilon resigned a year ago, but McDonough went on to become Obama's chief of staff.

Meanwhile, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is walking back her support of the swap, now that there's so much controversy. Getting some help from her friends in the media, CNN reported that Clinton wanted a "tougher deal."

"While secretary of state, Hillary Clinton was skeptical of early plans to trade Taliban prisoners for American captive Bowe Bergdahl... Clinton pushed for a much tougher deal than the one with Qatar that secured the Army sergeant's release in exchange for five terror detainees held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba," CNN reported, citing "former officials," whatever that means.

The Daily Beast joined in to help out Clinton, saying she was reticent, again citing a "former administration official."

She was heavily involved from the beginning, she was very skeptical of the arrangement, she was very wary of it. ... If we had come to some agreement she perhaps would have backed it, but we never got to that point.