19 Kids And Counting Daughter Puts Guns On Her Wedding Registry

They obviously need ammo, too

Jill Duggar, the fourth child from the show 19 Kids and Counting, has been slammed by Cosmo magazine for putting two guns on her wedding registry

“Finally, the weird stuff: They want some WD-40 and two fuh-reaking shotguns,” writes Tess Koman for Cosmo. 

The two guns on the registry are a Maverick 88 Shotgun and a Smith and Wesson 15-22 rifle.  Besides the two guns, they obviously need ammo to go along with it.  The registry also includes a box of .22lr and 4 boxes of Winchester PDX1 Defender 12 Gauge.

Gunssavelives.com has grabbed a few comments on the Cosmo website that are all from female readers. 

Umm.. Guns are awesome. Hunting is awesome. Fishing is awesome. You got a problem with this girl and her awesome hobbies? Maybe as a women’s magazine you should be appreciating the fact that women love all kinds of activities (especially a traditionally male dominated one) and no matter what kinda hobbies you’re into, it’s cool.

This article is ridiculous. So putting a gun on your registry makes you a criminal (robbing a candy store) …pathetic Cosmo. Could you be any more liberal. At least pretend to be an unbiased journalist. Cosmo is becoming more and more of a joke to their “intended audience,” well informed, educated, independent women. Unfollow?..yep.

How is requesting protection for their family insane or in any way bad? More power to them!

I may unlike them after this one…I mean the writers suck but this is ridiculous. Calling them criminals and saying goodbye because they are exercising their rights as American citizens? Fucking stupid.

This is EPIC! I love this registry it’s about time people ask for things they really need and not want just because it’s super expensive.

Guns are awesome! I wish I had put a glock on my registry!