110 Classified E-Mails Sent or Received: FBI Will Not Indict Hillary Clinton

No evidence of "intentional wrongdoing" but Clinton and staff were "extremely careless."

In breaking news Tuesday morning, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has announced that it will not bring criminal charges against presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton despite finding 110 classified e-mails sent or received on her home-brew server.

Investigators said they found no "intentional wrongdoing," according to NBC News, but said Clinton and her State Department staff were "extremely careless."

In addition to classified e-mails being sent, FBI Director James Comey indicated that "hostile actors" potentially had access to the information sent and received through the unsecured, private server.

Yet, Comey doesn't believe Clinton broke the law, stating, "Although there's evidence of potential violations of statutes... our judgment is no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case."

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