SHAPIRO: The Newfound 'Islamophobia' of the Left

Congratulations on recognizing the evils of radical Islam. At least for the moment.

It seems that after years of calling the right “Islamophobic” for opposing sharia law and terrorism by radical Muslims, the left is finally on board.

In the aftermath of the news that the Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram has kidnapped over 270 schoolgirls and is threatening to sell them into sexual slavery, the left is calling for blood in the best way they know how: with hashtags. First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama tweeted picture from the White House holding a piece of paper reading #BringBackOurGirls. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also joined the hashtag party, completely ignoring the fact that as Secretary of State she refused to label Boko Haram a terrorist group. The entire left is appalled that Islamic terrorist groups act just like…well…Islamic terrorist groups.

It’s nice to have them on board. It has only been three years since the White House decided to coordinate with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to fight “Islamophobia,” including an attempt to avoid “stereotyping” Islam. President Obama, who spent the weeks after Benghazi labeling an anti-Islam YouTube video “crude and disgusting” while avoiding any commentary about the radical Islam of the Benghazi attackers, has suddenly gone silent on the “Islamophobia” front. Blaming anti-Islam sentiment for Islamic terror attacks has gone slightly out of style in recent days.

Meanwhile, in Hollywood, the left has now realized that sharia law isn’t kind to women or homosexuals. Which has been true for several decades – and was “Islamophobic” when conservatives were saying it. But now the Beverly Hills Hotel, owned in part by the sultan of Brunei, is under assault from the Hollywood crowd, which has suddenly discovered that sharia law discriminates against women and gays. Ellen Degeneres is pushing boycotts, and billionaire Richard Branson tweeted that Virgin would disassociate from the hotel until “until the Sultan abides by basic human rights.” The Beverly Hills City Council has urged the sultan to sell the hotel. 

This is the same Hollywood that labeled the war on terror Islamophobic and pressured Fox to run a disclaimer about the wonders of Islam during 24. Just last year, HBO consulted with unindicted terror trial co-conspirator Council on American Islamic Relations to create a documentary titled The Education of Mohammad Hussein, about the horrible problem of Islamophobia in America (with a special focus on nutcase Pastor Terry Jones).

So, to all you new “Islamophobes,” congratulations on recognizing the evils of radical Islam. At least for now.