The People's Cube: Snopes Embezzling: Life Imitates The People's Cube Big Time!

Life has surpassed our wildest satirical fantasies.

From the brilliant satirists at The People's Cube comes this fascinating report on the "fact-checking" website Snopes...

When we first saw this headline, we thought it was yet another satirical spoof about Snopes, similar to some of our own previous exploits.

Snopes Co-Founder Embezzles $98,000, Drops Weight, Leaves Fat Wife And Marries Actual Whore

Turns out, this is a true story, fully backed by Daily Mail. But first, let's step back a little.

We've had a few spates with Snopes in the past. It was all fun and games when Snopes co-founder David Mikkelson first debunked our story about Rosie O'Donnell getting a tramp stamp with ISIS flag to support Islamic 'freedom fighters'. But with time their debunking became lame and simply unprofessional. Eventually Mikkelson himself began to spread fake news about us, with an entirely slanderous claim that the People's Cube was "a clickbait fake news site known for spreading malware."

We felt it was time to spoof Snopes founders directly and published this: CEO arrested on charges of fraud and corruption
Paper trail reveals fraud and embezzlement
at the heart of a fact-checking organization.

The story became viral and received over 115,000 shares and 302,000 page views on this site alone. It was then debunked by several "fact-checkers" including and

A torrent of hate messages followed. This one, written by a prog-woman named Kathy, is our favorite (spelling and punctuation preserved):

Just found out that your hit piece on Snopes was satire. I ,like many people, fell for it discrediting a very reliable source of information. Just because you don't like the answers on Snopes doesn't mean they are not true. You are an anti American traitor and as unpatriotic as it gets. If you are not actually a citizen then fuck off. Your Putin Puppet boy trump will not win and your conservative buddies will eventually all die off to the great relief of the majority of this country.

Now, dear Kathy, Trump has won, Mikkelson is an embezzler, and Snopes is corrupt as sin. Like many of The People's Cube's previous spoofs of "progressive" trends and personalities, this one has also become a reality. What are you going to do about that?

Our other Snopes-related posts included:

When Facebook decided to use Snopes as official fact-checkers to filter "fake stories" out of their news feed, we were mulling over yet another spoof. Now we don't have to, as life has surpassed our wildest satirical fantasies. Consider this paragraph from Zerohedge:

According to divorce papers, Snopes co-founder David Mikkelson started taking all sorts of trips around the world to bang whores after that sweet liberal shill money started rolling in. While engaging in this debauchery, Mikkelson wrote off just about everything as a business expense, embezzling a reported $98,000. The Snopes co-founder has since settled down and married a [NSFW] part time porn actress, administrator (spicy!), and sex worker. As in, she has a website devoted to being a whore. Apparently she's a pretty good one despite being "past her time as an adult model." In the same divorce papers, David Mikkelson fires back, claiming his hog of an ex-wife took millions from their joint account and bought property in Las Vegas. No word on who got their obese cat, or if it's still alive.

Then there's this absurdly nightmarish Daily Mail headline:

EXCLUSIVE: Facebook 'fact checker' who will arbitrate on 'fake news' is accused of defrauding website to pay for prostitutes - and its staff includes an escort-porn star and 'Vice Vixen domme'

Is Mikkelson's midlife crisis a metaphor for the collapse of the depraved prog-media conglomerate, showing how quickly things can disintegrate with a little bit of scrutiny by independent journalists? We hope so. Here's to the new era of honest and reliable media, if such a thing is even possible.

Our stories Snopes has debunked :

Please notice the name Kim LaCapria in the last two "debunkings." This Snopes main "fact checker" who never failed to repeat Mikkelson's description of us as "a clickbait fake news site known for spreading malware," turned out to be a... help me out with word choice if you think that "whore" is entirely out of place.


According to Daily Mail, Kim LaCapria runs a sex-and-fetish blog called ViceVixen "with a specific focus on naughtiness, sin, carnal pursuits, and general hedonism and bonne vivante-ery," where she claims she is in touch with her "domme side," is addicted to smutty Harry Potter fan fiction, provides intimate advice and reviews of sex toys (including a vibrating wand that "drives boys mad"), and also recommends pot-smoking paraphernalia.

This reportedly "principal fact checker" has also admitted she smoked pot while posting to Snopes. It must have been during one of those paranoid and delusional moments of cannabis-induced psychosis that she and David Mikkelson imagined The People's Cube to be "a clickbait fake news site known for spreading malware." Mystery solved: check.

Her playful bio at Snopes says this:

Kim LaCapria is a New York-based content manager and longtime message board participant. Although she was investigated and found to be "probably false" by in early 2002, Kim later began writing for the site due to an executive order unilaterally passed by President Obama during a secret, late-night session (without the approval of Congress). Click like and share if you think this is an egregious example of legislative overreach.

In light of recent findings, her fantasy about a "secret, late-night session" with President Obama reads like a Freudian slip, encapsulating the shameless political whoring of the entire Snopes organization.