McINNES: When A Child’s Life Is Politically Incorrect

As academia strays farther and farther from the truth, those of us residing here on earth are left asking, “When does it end?” Every time you think they couldn’t get more out there, they trump themselves. We’re constantly reminded how horrible segregation was unless it’s called an “Ethnic minority safe space,” in which case it’s “essential.” In college, the Social Justice Warriors have cast such a wide net when it comes to rape, you have students getting in trouble simply because they look like a rapist. However, when it comes to the real-life rape issues facing Spring Breakers in Panama City Beach, Florida they insist it’s sexist to care. Microaggressions can include something as minor as asking someone who can’t afford it if they’ve ever been to Europe. However, when the left is discussing prisoner’s rights, attacking women becomes no big whup. This weekend, the New York Times’ description of a female hostage held at knife-point included the disclaimer, “By all subsequent accounts, including his hostage’s, he was careful not to hurt her.” What a sweetie. Good thing he didn’t remind anyone of rape.

They keep moving the goal posts on these hypotheticals until tracking their morality becomes akin to chasing Bigfoot. It’s been an exhausting hunt but it appears the prey has finally run off a cliff. I am speaking of the final frontier for left wing lunacy: children. Specifically, two things: First, in an effort to defend a woman’s right to choose, they are now okaying the murder of babies already born. Secondly, in what started as a noble pursuit to defend those with atypical sexuality, the far left is now condoning pedophilia. When does it end? It ends here.

Last month, we learned of a peer-reviewed paper in the Journal of Medical Ethics that posited, “The moral status of an infant is equivalent to that of a fetus in the sense that both lack those properties that justify the attribution of a right to life.” Consequently, it is perfectly okay to murder it. You see, a newborn infant is “morally irrelevant,” so walk up to it with a ball-peen hammer and smash its head in if you want. Sure, the mother will be hysterical but you can’t expect everyone to be as enlightened as professor Julian Savulescu, the journal’s editor. I remember hearing a similar version of this theory back in the late 80s when my philosophy professor, Marvin Glass, told us it was perfectly reasonable to have an abortion up until a year after the baby was born. He said monkeys act more human than an 11-month-old; ergo, that 11-month old is not human. Glass was also the head of the Canadian Communist Party and was regarded by most of the students I knew as a complete nut. Academia has strayed so far from the path, his insane rants are now ready for a peer-reviewed journal.

If murdering a baby is too much for you to stomach, how about raping a child? Last July, a conference held at the University of Cambridge, in England stated, “Paedophilic interest is natural and normal,” and “Normal males are aroused by children.” These academics lament the “isolation, guilt, and anguish” the pedophile feels as he remembers the “loving and tender” experiences he had raping a 12-year-old boy. I’d like to see how rational and erudite their discussion becomes when it happens to one of their own. Something tells me there’d be a lot less beard stroking and a lot more stabbing.

Again, I’ve come across this damaged thinking before. The same year Prof. Glass was justifying murder in Ottawa, I was attending an Anarchist Gathering in Montreal. These things were like a crystal ball that showed where the far left was going to end up. We had an environmental speaker get shut down for smoking a cigarette and drinking coffee out of a Styrofoam cup. A “talking stick” was used to facilitate who got to speak at various workshops but it was inevitably hogged by some mentally ill buffoon who would talk about his therapist the whole time. The feminists tried to have a women’s-only space to discuss rape but a transperson named Carl objected until he was allowed in. Carl was from New Zealand and dressed like a regular guy except for the women’s slip he wore with his dirty tennis shoes and tighty whiteys. During a talk about sexuality, Carl decided to stand up and explain to all the women there that children were sexual beings and we were doing them a huge disservice by stifling that natural instinct. Abortion was rare back then and many of the punk chicks in the room were single mothers. They were furious and yelled at him so long, he almost started to cry. You can see the same kind of cowed behavior when 9-11 conspiracists are confronted by the victim’s families. It’s one thing to come up with made-up theories. It’s another to be face to face with the pain these theories trivialize. Carl left the conference early and I didn’t see much of him after that.

Political correctness has always been absurd. “Plantkin,” for example, are people who identify as plants and it hurts their feelings when you walk on grass. However, when your philosophy includes raping children and murdering babies, you’re more than absurd. You’re done. Let’s stop firing people based on the left’s various taboos. We don’t need committees and foundations to validate their various gripes. They don’t know what the hell they’re talking about. I’m not saying anyone should be denied the right to free speech. As Jefferson said, “There is not a truth existing which I fear or would want unknown to the whole world.” However, the truth is today’s academics, the far left, social justice warriors, and liberal arts graduates are completely full of shit. They don’t need a talking stick. They need therapy.