McInnes: Nationwide’s Super Bowl Ad Wasn’t Just Depressing, It Was Deadly

America is bummed about Nationwide’s Superbowl ad for the wrong reason. Yes, it’s depressing to think about a child who died in a household accident, but it’s also statistically irrelevant. There are 74.2 million children in America and only 238 die in household accidents. Is this so much of a drain on Nationwide’s resources that they feel the need to put a stop to it?

All right then, if they really do want to prevent this, how about being honest?

Their commercial features an open cupboard under the sink where we assume a child has drank a bunch of Drano. Later we see a flat-screen TV that apparently flattened a child. In all cases, the backdrop is the lily-white suburbs of middle class America. The accidents happened in the beautiful home of a happily married couple.

This is why you should be bummed. It’s political correctness reaching a point of ubiquity that is threatening human lives. The number one cause of accidental death with children is poisoning, and eating prescription pills is the number one cause of poisoning. Kids don’t drink Drano. Middle-class whites don’t keep that stuff under the sink anymore and even if they did, you need a PhD in industrial design to get one open. Flat-screen TVs aren’t crushing children. The worst a kid’s going to get from that is a concussion or maybe a few stitches (and please don’t come back with some anecdotal evidence of this happening because anecdotal evidence is precisely the problem here).

If you really want to prevent childhood accidents show us a commercial in a bad neighborhood with a single mom addicted to prescription pills. It may not be as palatable as blaming middle America, but the truth rarely is.

We saw this same lie last year with the release of a PSA Everytown for Gun Safety did featuring almost the exact same kid as the Nationwide ad and in almost the exact same beautiful, spotless, happily-married house. His baby sister finds a gun in the closet and blows his head off with it. The NY Times peddled the same myth when they put a story on accidental gun deaths on their cover and featured a Midwestern dad giving rifle lessons to his young son shortly before the boy died from an accidental self-inflicted gun wound.

Accidental gun deaths with children are rarely accidental and almost never involve children. The stats skew high on age and include anyone under 18. Gangbangers make up the vast majority of these deaths and they’re not hiding in a closet playing hide-n-seek with their sister. They’re getting revenge. When we do include only small children, the gun deaths are often the property of a gangbanger who left his Glock lying around while visiting his girlfriend.

These victims are almost always the children of single moms but the PSAs would rather avoid that inconvenient truth and put the blame on happily-married white women. This is dangerous because you are denying the problem the awareness and information it needs to get solved. Once again, the do-gooders are hurting the people they’re purporting to help. I’m reminded of Jason Riley’s book Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make it Harder for Blacks to Succeed.

This has been going on for a while now. Political correctness gained its stride around the same time AIDS got big in the late 80s and early 90s. It was originally seen as a gay disease, but that was seen as a hate fact so they decided to alter the truth and create propaganda that said it could happen to anybody. Soon, AIDS was seen as a white, middle-class problem and every teenager living in a happily married household was convinced she was about to die. Soon after, gays started noticing that crucial funding for their disease was being siphoned to the suburbs. Their campaign had become too successful and they were denying themselves the help they needed in the name of political correctness. It was eventually renamed a gay disease and not long after, it was basically cured.

I got depressed when I saw the Nationwide ad about the dead child because it had been a quarter of a century since the AIDS media blunders and here we are making the exact same mistakes. While Nationwide, Everytown, and the New York Times pin the blame on Middle America, real blacks in the ghetto are dying needlessly.

Oh, well, at least nobody’s getting offended.