Israeli PM Netanyahu Urges France to Pursue Peace and Restraint

An open, satirical letter from Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu to France's President François Hollande...

My heartfelt sympathies to you and the French people for the unrest which occurred yesterday. We in Israel have a deep understanding of how to deal with terrorism, and wish to share with you the advice we often hear from the world in the aftermath of such incidents.

As you yourself told us recently following a similar act of terrorism, one must protect oneself from militants, but show restraint to not further fuel a highly sensitive situation in the region.

With one's friends there is no need to make peace. There is no military solution to the problems of terrorism, and this is why you must seek a diplomatic solution. One must understand the pain and needs of the angry, and not respond inappropriately so that there is an escalation of the cycle of violence. One must negotiate even while under attack; conditioning negotiations on an end to violence is a no-win situation. It will simply extend the bloodshed.

The key is to build a New Europe, one that deals with reality on the ground. To close your borders will only lead to further oppression and anger. If you strike at the perpetrators of the attack and their supporters, you will simply extend and enlarge the cycle of violence. Your bombs will no doubt injure some innocent children and civilians alongside any terrorist activists you strike, and that will simply make the victims seek revenge.

As the world often urges us, begin the healing by declaring a unilateral ceasefire! Give peace a chance! Do not allow yourself to be drawn deeper into the cycle of violence. Show restraint.

The above is a satirical letter to France’s President from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.