BOIS: #OscarsSoWhiny

"Fight the Power!"

It was a changing-of-the-guard moment at this year's 88th Academy Awards, a disastrous show that ushered in a new era of Tinseltown, with leftists complaining and proselytizing before a crowd that was either in total agreement or just too cowardly to say anything in protest.

Chris Rock began his opening monologue bashing his white overlords for having the racist audacity to welcome him as host of the greatest gig of a comedian's career, but as far as Oscar leftist rants go, it didn't necessarily rank any worse than Michael Moore's "Shame on you, Mr. Bush" moment or actress Patricia Arquette's whine about the gender pay gap. However, the moment Rock introduced Creed actor Michael B. Jordan, who is black, as the "should've-been-nominated Michael B. Jordan," the show became an #OscarsSoWhite free-for-all in which old-fashioned class became a dead relic of the past.  

Not content to let Rock take home the award for whiner of the evening, actor Kevin Hart, also black, later took the stage, launching into a minute-long rant about how actors of color, none of whom were nominated for the second year in a row, shouldn't let white Academy oppression get them down.   

Academy President Cheryl Boone Isaacs gave another speech about her ongoing crusade to rid the academy of old white men so that leftist historians will remember her as the black Academy president who got rid of all the old white men.  

Transgender surgery was officially referred to as "gender confirmation surgery," which raises the question: Would anyone in the Oscar auditorium feel comfortable having their daughter in the bathroom alongside a trans-man? To echo the words of Lady Gaga's Oscar-nominated song: "Til it happens to you, you won't know how it feels."

Speaking of the Lady Gaga song, why was the academy giving a standing ovation to a song about sexual assault while nominating Fifty Shades of Grey in the same category?

The audience might have thought Gaga's song a shoo-in, but it lost to singer Sam Smith's James Bond theme, rendering VP Joe Biden's presentation of Gaga's song useless. A confused Smith mistakenly suggested he might be the "first openly gay man to win an Oscar," which must have raised the eyebrows of Elton John (The Lion King), actor Sir John Gielgud (Arthur), director John Schlesinger (Midnight Cowboy), songwriter Howard Ashman (The Little MermaidBeauty and the Beast), and screenwriters Alan Ball (American Beauty), Bill Condon (Gods and Monsters), and Lance Dustin Black (Milk). 

Actor Abe Vigoda got shafted from the "In Memoriam" segment, but if he were here today, he'd have only one thing to say: "It was only business."

Activist Mark Ruffalo lost Best Supporting Actor. At least pro-lifers can be thankful for that. 

Leo DiCaprio finally won. Sorry Leo, but you still can't roll with the best of them. Even your speech about the reality of climate change and the plight of indigenous peoples pales in comparison to the master of Oscar political grandstanding Marlon Brando, who at least had the philosophical consistency to have an actual Native-American reject his Academy Award in protest. That's dedication to a cause!

Alejandro Iñárritu won for Best Director for the second year in a row, but Mexicans apparently don't count toward diversity. 

Spotlight, based on the true story of a Boston Globe investigation into child sex abuse cases involving the Catholic Church, won Best Picture. Good for the filmmakers. A seriously good movie. Michael Keaton rocks.

Spike Lee didn't show up, but his malcontent spirit could be felt throughout, with the show's end credits playing Public Enemy's "Fight the Power," made popular in Lee's movie Do the Right Thing.

I echo the sentiment of that song, but not the way Cheryl Boone Isaacs and Chris Rock want me to. When Hollywood featured actress/activist Kerry Washington's Scandal character aborting a baby last Christmas to the accompaniment of "Silent Night," it should have signaled to conservatives that there is no moral depth to which the leftist Hollywood establishment will not sink. It's up to us now to bring down that establishment.  

"Fight the Power!"