Andrew Klavan: What Breitbart Knew

This week marked the third year anniversary of Andrew Breitbart’s death at 43. I’ve got a hundred reasons to miss the man but prominent among them is this: He understood the American news media better than anyone. He knew our journalists had become leftist enemies of the American way and the American people. And in the strength of that knowledge, he showed them no fear and gave them no quarter. He fought journalists as if they were the Bad Guys they are. That’s what made him such an effective warrior for individual freedom and constitutional patriotism.

Would our Republican politicians had one tenth his insight, and one hundredth part of his courage. 

Instead, the GOP treats journalists like girls in slasher movies treat the killers: they walk like idiots into their lairs and then scream helplessly when the axe comes down.

Barack Obama grew up as a drug-taking radical leftist and associated in adulthood with America-haters like Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright. As a student, community organizer and senator, he accomplished nothing. Why then did Mitt Romney waste so much of his presidential campaign defending himself against accusations that he was successful in business, or played a prank on a kid in high school or kept women’s resumes in binders?

Why? Because the news media are Democrat enemies of the GOP. That’s what Breitbart knew.

CNN's Candy Crowley befouled herself and the democratic process by stepping into a presidential debate to rescue President Obama from his own reflexive dishonesty. “Eek!” screamed the Republicans. But why the hell was a leftist shill like Crowley allowed to moderate such an important debate in the first place? Or leftist shills like George Stephanopoulos, Brian Williams and Bob Schieffer? These leftists are no more even-handed than Sean Hannity — and Hannity is totally aboveboard in his point of view while the leftists lie. So why were they sent to moderate debates when Hannity was not?

Because the media are part of the left-wing of the leftist Democrat party and dedicated to insuring Republican defeat. That’s what Breitbart knew.

As the next presidential campaign gears into action, we’re already beginning to see the same old patterns taking shape. We know that each GOP frontrunner in turn will be confronted with meaningless gotcha questions and subjected to accusatory exposes of minor adolescent transgressions and imaginary crimes. At the same time, true high-level corruption among Democrats — from the politicization of the IRS and Justice Department to the suspect foreign funding of the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton's off-the-record email account while Secretary of State — will only occasionally bubble to the surface and then, under-covered by the media, fade from public view.

Will Republican presidential candidates respond as they did four years ago? Will they respond as Republicans in congress are responding even now? Will they continue to whine and grumble about unfair treatment and then submit slump-shouldered to the abuse out of fear of what the media might say about them, how the media might make them look?

Or will they instead fight back? Demand fair moderation of debates? Prepare themselves for gotcha questions and answer them with questions of their own? Research journalists and expose their acts of leftist bias on air? Answer accusations of minor wrongdoing with the facts about Democrat high crimes?

Such pushback doesn’t require Andrew Breitbart’s belligerence. It doesn’t require Breitbart’s profane vocabulary. It doesn’t even require Breitbart’s ever-ready anger and indignation.

It only requires Andrew Breitbart’s vision, courage and integrity. The vision to know that the media are the enemy. The courage to confront them openly. The integrity to stand for what you truly believe.

Vision, courage and integrity are not just the weapons of victory. They are the requirements of freedom.

That’s what Andrew Breitbart knew.

photo credit: Kristyn Kimball