The 2nd Amendment : Is It for Muskets Only?!

Is the second amendment just for muskets? … you might be asking yourself if you’re an idiot.

We’ve heard the argument countless times from anti-gun advocates.

The problem is that it’s dead wrong. We’ll get to all of the pre-constitution assault weapons that already existed in a second. But firstly, to believe this premise you’d have to believe that the founding fathers were SO stupid they have never witnessed nor anticipated any kind of technological advancement in weaponry whatsoever.

Believe it or not weapons have evolved since the beginning of mankind. Rocks became sharper rocks, sharper rocks became clubs, clubs became swords, swords became guns etc etc.

Also, quick irony alert (IRONY ALERT GRAPHIC), many of the filthy hipsters wanting to take away your 2nd amendment rights claiming that it wasn’t written for advanced technology are doing so by exercising their first amendment rights… written long before their iphones. //

But finally the good stuff, the guns. Turns out that by the time the 2nd amendment was written, assault weapons already existed.

-Yep just take the belton flintlock developed during the revolutionary war that could fire 20 or so rounds in 5 seconds with one pull of the finger.

-Or the girandoni rifle, where a 22 high capacity round magazine accurately could be fired within 30 seconds created during the revolutionary war which was later used by Thomas Jefferson to famously outfit the lewis and clark expedition.

- Or even the Puckle gun early gatling gun created 60 years before the revolutionry war.

- Heck even the Pepper box revolvers some could hold over 20 rounds and were developed hundreds of years before the founding fathers.

Not only were the founding fathers aware of these weapons, they were FANS for crying out loud. Here's a letter of marque and reprisal signed by President Madison. for a privately owned ship carrying cannons that was authorized to attack enemy shipping. These were not muskets. And the founding fathers didn’t give no craps.


Cutaway to Madison with the machine gun effects.

The most important takeaway here is that even though the second amendment is written in a way that LITERALLY applies to all weapons, contrary to what we’ve been told the more attention we give to its context and history, the more you see that the founding fathers EXPRESSLY wrote it this way in full knowledge to include very serious, effective weapons. // So anytime a silly leftist tells you that the second amendment is for muskets, send them this video because it’s done. The argument is over. End of story, no more, stop misninforming the American public, you filthy hippies.