White-Man Charged with Federal Hate-Crime for Playing 'Knockout Game'


On Thursday, CNN reported that the Federal Justice Department recently charged 27-year-old white male Conrad Alvin Barrett of Katy, Texas with one count of violating the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act for playing "knockout" on an elderly black man in November.

The "knockout game" rose to national attention in early November when Fox News and the New York Post both reported on gangs of unruly black teens selectively targeting Jews and Whites in a vicious assault where unsuspecting pedestrians were slugged to the pavement, resulting in severe head injuries and sometimes even death.

Amateur videos of the game -- also called "Polar Bear Hunting" and "Knock the Jew" for its selective targeting of white and Jewish ethnicities -- were largely filmed and posted online by the perpetrators themselves, typically accompanied with gangs of youths laughing jovially as their helpless victim collapsed on the concrete. One youth could even be heard uttering, "White girl bleed a lot!"

Despite the overwhelming evidence, mainstream media outlets refused to label the attacks as "hate-crimes" with many ignoring the racial motives behind the attacks. As Thomas Sowell reported in the New York Post, black teens committing hate-crimes didn't fit the media's preferred narrative of helpless youths under the thumb of white-supremacy. 

White-male Conrad Alvin Barrett makes the first individual to be charged with a hate-crime for committing the "knockout game."



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