Wash. Post Columnist: Obamacare Opponents are 'Big Government Conservatives'

Dana Milbank inverts traditional paradigms, logic in MSNBC appearance

In a discussion with fellow Post columnist Jonathan Capehart and host Joy Reid, Dana Milbank was asked about the endgame for the Republicans in Congress that opposed the floundering health care law. Milbank's explanation was almost out of a parallel political universe:

Guess what happens if you don't get the young people to sign up. It’s not like the exchanges go away. They become a whole lot more expensive. So they won't wind up killing them, they will wind up wounding them, and guess who will be stuck with the tab? The taxpayer. So what the Republicans and conservatives are doing is expanding the government. This is big government conservatism.

So there you have it. Oppose a big government plan, making it more expensive and therefore more costly to the taxpayers that are subsidizing it, and you are a big government conservative. Which means to be a small government conservative, you’d have to support government programs. Or you’d just have to not read the Washington Post.




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