Thomas Roberts' Catty 'Duck Dynasty' Comments on Morning Joe

Since Leviticus has bans on shell fish and tattoos, and since the "Robertson boys" had tattoos, they were sinners.

Friday morning's Morning Joe program on MSNBC featured some nasty comments from MSNBC host Thomas Roberts about the controversial comments made by Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty and his resulting suspension by A&E. 

The segment began with a discussion of Matt Lewis' column that compares the "Pajama Boy" and Duck Dynasty controversies to highlight a rural vs urban divide in the United States. Host Joe Scarborough threw the conversation over to Roberts asking what he thought of politicians such as Bobby Jindel and Sarah Palin who scolded A&E for suspending Robertson. Roberts response was to preach tolerance via intolerant, catty statements. 

Thomas Roberts began by pointing out he was gay (my husband got me an iPad Air for Christmas), and voicing his disdain for Robertson. People "don't give a flying duck what Phil Robertson has to say," offered Roberts.  As for Sarah Palin, "she did not show up to defend the right of free speech for one of our colleagues here," he scolded in reference to Martin Bashir saying someone should p*ss and sh*t in the former governor's mouth. 

Thomas Roberts added his belief that Robertson was selectively observing the bible since Leviticus has bans on shell fish and tattoos. Since the "Robertson boys" had tattoos they were sinners."

Roberts is incorrectly citing both Jewish and Christian theology. In Jewish law, the only commandments that had to be observed by Gentiles were the "Seven Noahide Laws" believed to be given to Noah after the flood. One of those laws prohibits sexual immorality (which includes homosexuality). When Christianity broke off from Judaism, Church Fathers determined the Seven Noahide Laws would apply to them, but laws about tattoos and shell fish which weren't part of Noah's seven did not apply because they were no longer Jewish.

In Christianity, the prevailing doctrine is that "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." Roberston's own list - paraphrased from Corinthians - included many failings Papa Phil has admitted to in his own life.




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