Stacey Dash: Expecting Blacks to Support Other Blacks is ‘Racist’

One of the themes that emerged during the 2012 Presidential election was the backlash black supporters of Mitt Romney faced. Perhaps no one felt this more than actress Stacey Dash.

Dash told comedian Adam Corolla about her experiences, and her beliefs in the racial double standard. As reported by Breitbart News:

She is still angry about that reaction, telling Carolla it's flat out racist to insist a black voter can only support a black candidate.

"You should be able to make a choice based on the content of someone's character, not the color of their skin ... it's not 1965. We've won that battle. We should move on," the South Bronx native says.

Dash also suggested her chief disappointment with Obama is in the level of divisiveness in America today. According to Breitbart, Corolla thinks it will only get worse:

Carolla and Dash talked gender politics as well as race-based matters during the interview, with Carolla arguing Obama's election caused some of his supporters to double down on racial rhetoric. The podcaster predicted a similar political template will materialize should Secretary of State Hillary Clinton win the White House in 2016.

"There's been more racial conversation over last five years than we've ever had before," Carolla says of the fallout from the election of the country's first black president. "If Hillary Clinton gets elected ... I suspect there's gonna be four years of feminist talk. It'll be found in every story."




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