Scorsese ‘Shamed’ by Screenwriter at 'Wolf of Wall Street' Screening

“...three hours of torture – same disgusting crap over and over again..."

Another holiday season, another chance for Hollywood to roll out its not-so-family-friendly blockbusters. This time, Martin Scorsese has offered up to American audiences a film that the director himself admits is “brutal” and one actress describes as "disgusting crap."

Scorsese acknowledges his latest controversial feature, The Wolf of Wall Street, which depicts the riotous lifestyle of stockbroker Jordan Belfort (DiCaprio), will not be “to everyone’s taste.” It certainly didn’t meet the standards of decency of one particularly incensed Academy member, who assailed the director after a screening at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater, screaming “shame on you” and calling the film “disgusting.”

According to TheWrap, after a screening of the three-hour film, actress Hope Holiday wrote that the film was “torture” and so “disgusting” that it elicited an impassioned response from on Academy member:

[L]ast night was torture at the Academy — ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’ – three hours of torture – same disgusting crap over and over again – after the film they had a discussion which a lot of us did not stay for – the elevator doors opened and Leonardo D. Martin S. and a few others got out then a screen writer ran over to them and started screaming – shame on you – disgusting –

A representative from Paramount downplayed the event, admitting only that a “negative comment” was offered to Scorsese.

When asked for additional details by TheWrap, Hope Holiday declined to identify the screenwriter who confronted Scorsese as he exited the elevator on the second floor. But she said that the screenwriter’s criticism of Scorsese was “a shocker,” and “very awkward and embarrassing” for others waiting for the elevator.

The sexually explicit nature of the film has earned mixed reviews, Scorsese himself admitting that the film won’t meet some viewers’ tastes:  

“It’s brutal,” admitted Scorsese in a conversation with TheWrap on Friday.
 “I’ve seen it with audiences, and I think it plays. I don’t know if it will be to everyone’s taste – I don’t think it will. It’s not made for 14 year olds.”




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