Schultz Compares Obamacare to Auburn Win

Ed Schultz says Obamacare won over the holiday weekend, just like Auburn vs. Alabama.

Calling liberals, Democrats and progressives "believers in Obamacare," Ed Schultz challenged them to never give up.

Schultz compared the Auburn University vs. University of Alabama game to Obamacare vs. the Republicans who he claims want the program and the president to fail.

Ed replayed the riveting video from the Auburn vs. Alabama game from Saturday night and gave a play-by-play of the action on the field. This time though, instead of sharing the player's names and moves, he shouted out as if it was literally Obamacare scoring a touchdown against big bad Republican.

See, if you're for Obamacare you gotta play like Auburn. You gotta play every play, you can't ever give up! You just gotta keep going.

He then shouted as Chris Davis ran the ball a historic 109 yards down the field for a winning touchdown, but in Ed's world, Davis was carrying Obamacare.

Even the arrogance of Alabama who thinks they can beat everybody, anywhere, anytime, any day... That's where they're just like the Republicans! They never give up!




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