Pope Francis Allegedly 'Shocked' by Gay Adoption


Photo from gay magazine The Advocate upon labeling Pope Francis "Person of the Year" 2013

Fresh off his recent "Person of the Year" title, Pope Francis, yet again, returns to Time in an article alleging he expressed "shock" to a proposal allowing gay couples to adopt children according to Bishop Charles Scicluna of Malta.

Scicluna told the Malta Sunday Times the Pontiff encouraged him to "speak out" about the issue during a discussion the two had on December 12.

Evidence of Pope Francis' aversion toward homosexual marriage and adoption has been well-documented, which makes it unclear why gay magazine The Advocate labeled him "Person of the Year" along with Time.

In 2010, Pope Francis called gay adoption a "discrimination against children" and even called gay marriage "the work of the devil" after striking a compromise on Civil-Unions in Argentina.




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