Petition Calling for Stricter Gun Rules in Jack In The Box

The truth is that not a single employee of Jack in the Box hid in a freezer

Following police and media reports that employees of a Jack in the Box hid in the restaurant freezer in fear of a group of open-carry protesters, Shannon Watts, the head of Everytown for Gun Safety started a petition asking the CEO of the burger chain to stand for stricter gun rules in their restaurants.

In a press release, Watts said:

Where state gun laws dangerously allow individuals with no background check or training to buy semi-automatic rifles and carry them openly in public, businesses have a duty to protect their employees and patrons….That’s why we are calling on Jack In the Box and other businesses to follow Starbucks’ lead and prohibit the open carry of rifles on their property.

But the Open Carry Texas group of course is fighting back.  Posted on their Facebook page they wrote, “The truth is that not a single employee of Jack in the Box hid in a freezer nor did a single employee call 911 or the police.  The 911 call was made by a couple in the restaurant”

They continued to write that, “We are working to get the 911 call, the police report, and other recordings to find out where this information originated and expose those reporting false information to achieve their anti-gun agendas.”

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