O'Reilly: Obama's Jokes Won't Impress Putin

"Abe Lincoln would not have done it."

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On Tuesday's "Talking Points Memo," Bill O'Reilly questioned Obama's decision to appear on Zach Galifianakis' “Between Two Ferns” during a period of national and international crises.

O'Reilly framed the comedy sketch in context of Obama's current standoff with Putin, stating, "Putin believes the president is a lightweight. Will a comedy video counter that?"

Calling this latest effort to woo the "young invincibles" to sign up for a flawed ObamaCare "a little bit desperate," O'Reilly argued that sending his press secretary would have been a better choice, adding that facing a divided nation and a contentious world, Obama needed to get serious.

"Abe Lincoln would not have done it," said O'Reilly. "There comes a point when serious times call for serious action."

"The testing of America is just getting started," O'Reilly concluded.


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