NYT: Obamas Skip Church on Christmas, Again

Obama body surfing

The New York Times reported this weekend that of all the traditional American Christmas Day celebrating the Obamas did in Hawaii (at a $24,500-per-week palatial estate), the one thing they most definitely did not do was attend a church service—something the article reminds us, they’ve “rarely done since they entered the White House.”

President Obama celebrated a low-key Christmas in Hawaii this year. He sang carols, opened presents with his family and visited a nearby military base to wish the troops “Mele Kalikimaka”—the Hawaiian phrase meaning “Merry Christmas.”

But the one thing the president and his family did not do—something they have rarely done since he entered the White House—was attend Christmas church services.

Quick reminder: according to Fox News, the Obamas’ 17-day vacation in Hawaii is costing taxpayers north of $4 million. With that figure in mind, the $24,500 per-week for the palatial beachside Plantation Estate residence, as reported by The Washington Times, is chump change.




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