MSNBC Host: 'The Tea Party is Like the Zombies on 'The Walking Dead'

"The Tea Party is like the zombies on ‘The Walking Dead’ because you can't kill them no matter what."

In the post-election day wrap-up during Wednesday's The Cycle program on MSNBC, Howard Fineman of The Huffington Post and Cycle host Toure' displayed their respective progressive biases while reflecting on the Virginia governor's race. 

While most pundits blamed Republican Ken Cuccinelli's loss on factors like the lack of campaign dollars, the candidate's stances on social issues, a perceived lack of support by the national GOP, the scandals surrounding Governor Bob McDonnell, and the recent government shutdown, Fineman and Toure' each took a more simplistic point of view - blaming Ted Cruz and the Tea Party.

Toure' went even further, comparing the Tea Party to Zombies who just won't die:


Cuccinelli had to deal with the specific effects of the government shutdown because about one out of, amazing to me because one of three voters in Virginia according to NBC exit polls said they were directly affected by the government shutdown. Those people went almost 2-1 for Terry McAuliffe. Really in a way it was Ted Cruz who lost the election for Republicans in Virginia because it’s Ted Cruz who led the government shutdown.


Of course, I mean Abby is right, the Tea Party is like the zombies on ‘The Walking Dead’ because you can't kill them no matter what you do electorally. In the war the GOP has going on, you have these establishment folks who had a good night, and Tea Party folks who had a bad night, they aren't going anywhere.




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