'La La Land' Director Gets His Leftist Street Cred On

Welcome, young Damien.

The Academy Award-winning director Damien Chazelle (La La Land) got his leftist street cred on this week when he joined Twitter just to publicly bash President Trump, urging people to endorse the ACLU and Black Lives Matter.  

In his long Twitter rant, Chazelle accused President Trump of endorsing white supremacy, even though he expressly condemned it, and said nothing about the Marxist Antifa radicals who committed acts of violence.  











Having grown up in France, Chazelle also talked about free speech and Holocaust denial being illegal.  

“That kind of curb on free speech might not be palatable here in the States. Even if it were, might be very much the wrong approach,” he wrote. “But let’s be clear: we live in a country where right now only white men enjoy the privilege of unfettered free speech. How many white supremacists were arrested in Charlottesville? 4. How many protestors were arrested in Ferguson? 155.”

“THAT is the state of free speech in America today,” says the man who apparently doesn't know what constitutes speech.