Goldie Taylor: "Pure Hatred" led Phil Robertson to Comment on Homosexuality

Goldie Taylor joined Ed Schultz and attacked the reality tv star for his comments in a recent GQ interview.

Despite accusing the GOP of using the story of Phil Robertson, a reality show star from A&E's Duck Dynasty, to distract from the success stories of Obamacare, Ed Schultz and his "Rapid Response Panel" spent their entire segment talking about the Robertson family and the patriarch's suspension.

Schultz welcomed regulars Goldie Taylor and Mike Papantonio who discussed the media coverage and the tidal wave of positive support Robertson has received from politicians like Sen. Ted Cruz, Gov. Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin.

After attacking people who watch most of the A&E lineup, the trio argued that it was "capitalistic" for the television network to permanently suspend Phil Robertson and were astonished at the "double standard" they allege is occurring from conservatives. Schultz asked Taylor what she thought, and she responded that she had spoken with a pastor friend:

This has everything to do with tucking your bigotry into a Bible and trying to hide it. The bigotry here, uh the uh the pure hatred here, is much bigger than than any Bible I think can hide.  

She continued that she was offended on multiple levels by Robertson's statements but mostly offended that he tried to "veil" them as Christian beliefs. Robertson's comments were paraphrasing a verse from the Christian New Testament, 1 Corinthians 6:9 where the Apostle Paul speaks about the "unrighteous."




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