GIBBS: 'This Is the Worst Year of the Presidency'

"No Doubt About It"

Former Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs, offering -- unsolicited, even -- a frank assessment of the president's year.

Asking about the Obamacare mess, "Meet the Press" host Dave Gregory said, "This is the test, Robert, of big progressive government solving a big societal problem. That's what he took on. That is the big project of his presidency."

"No doubt about it," Gibbs said. "I would say this is the worst year of the presidency. It does beat out 2011. But -- well, and especially given sort of where he started, the fact that the first year of the second term is historically the most productive of the second term."

Ouch. This was the year Obama was supposed to be most effective. In fact, it was a dismal year. 

Gibbs has been outspoken about the disaster that was the Affordable Care Act rollout. He recently said, "It will be inexplicable if somebody involved in the creation of the website doesn't get fire -- or a group of people don't get fired."

Hmm. Sounds like the former Obama cheerleader is trying to distance himself from the expansive government takeover he sold for three straight years. 

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