FLASHBACK: Sarah Silverman Says Anal Sex is Disgusting, GLAAD Silent

"What guy wants to do anal?"

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There is an outright double standard that exists when it comes to commenting about homosexuality. If you are a conservative who disagrees with homosexuality you are called a homophobe. If you are a Christian who disagrees with homosexuality, you are even worse. But if you are a liberal, a Hollywood celebrity, or a left-wing comic, you get a blank check to say whatever you want. 

If the recent "Duck Dynasty" ordeal is not enough to show this hypocrisy, take vile left-wing comic Sarah Silverman. 

She appeared on The Howard Stern Show back in November. She made jokes about pornography, 9/11 widows, rape and anal sex. Stern asked if she has ever had anal sex to which she replies no, makes a vomiting sound and says:

What guy wants to do anal? It's like the tightest vagina that has sh*t inside.

Where is the outrage from GLAAD on this? Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty, a double whammy conservative Christian, only mentions that he prefers vaginas over a man's anus. That prompted GLAAD's ire. Not so for Silverman, whose Comedy Central show in 2008 was nominated for a GLAAD award.

If necessary, you can listen to the interview below. (WARNING: VERY STRONG LANGUAGE)








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