CJP Refuses To Prevent Future Arafat Grave Visit

"... confirmed our support for the students and volunteers who both participated in and planned the Trek this year."

Following the international controversy regarding the infamous Harvard Israel Trek 2014 visit to Yasser Arafat's grave, TruthRevolt asked Boston's Combined Jewish Philanthropies what its stance was on future visits to Arafat's grave. The CJP evaded the questions, preferring to simply answer that they had "already stated our position." TruthRevolt posed the following questions:

(1) Will the CJP implement measures to ensure that none of the students it sponsors visit Yassar Arafat's grave again? Can the CJP guarantee that the students on its trips will not be either taken by Palestinian leadership or student leaders to visit Arafat's grave?

(2) Will CJP disassociate from student leaders, volunteers, or CJP employees who brought students to visit Arafat's grave, or who will do so in the future?

(3) Is the Arafat grave visit a precondition of visits with Palestinian leadership? If so, what will CJP do to prevent its money from going to such visits?

Here is the response that Truth Revolt received:

After reviewing your questions, Combined Jewish Philanthropies feels strongly that we have already stated our position on the importance of the Israel Trek, expressed our apologies for the visit to the grave, and confirmed our support for the students and volunteers who both participated in and planned the Trek this year.

In a recently published Op-Ed in The Times of Israel, three members of the CJP Israel Advocacy Executive Committee admitted that they have no formal oversight over the itineraries and use of donor funds:

Missions or “Treks” that take college students to Israel are often transformative, which is why we fund them. However, CJP doesn’t control the itineraries for these trips. They are student run, organized and led, giving them greater authenticity in the eyes of their fellow students.

Arafat is the godfather of modern terrorism and is responsible for the death of thousands of men, women and children. 

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