Chuck Todd Manipulates Poll Numbers to Help the President

"Everything about the president is being judged through the prism of health care."

NBC News Political Director Chuck Todd shows how there is more than one way to read a poll. Appearing on MSNBC's Andrea Mtichell Reports, Todd magically forges a set of data out of thin air - all to produce a positive spin for Obamacare. 

Mitchell and Todd begin the segment acquiescing to the president's high disapproval ratings stemming from the disastrous health care rollout. Todd laments the fact that "everything about the president is being judged through the prism of health care" - making it hard for Obama to push new laws for minimum wage, the economy, education, etc. Using the latest NBC and Wall Street Journal numbers, Todd throws his hat into the ring to help the president with a bit of his own fuzzy math.

Eighty percent of folks say they're satisfied with their own health care coverage. That level of satisfaction has gone up since implementation, not down. Number two, 58 percent of folks admit that the health care law has had no impact on them. Now, add that 58 percent with the 12 percent that say the health care law has had a positive impact and suddenly you have 70 percent of the country saying positive or no impact at all. If that continues to be the case, it is very possible if the rollout works, you could see hostility toward the law recede. Is it going to be politically divisive still? Sure. But if the hostility recedes, then suddenly the president can get traction. I'm talking about minimum wage, talking about the economy, talking about investments, talking about education. It sort of clears the decks. But it all hinges on finishing the implementation.

That might sound like a perfectly good argument if it were not for the ease in which anyone can manipulate poll numbers. Media Research Center's Paul Bremmer had this reaction to Todd's sleight of hand:

It’s amazing what one can do with statistics. Here’s one for you, Mr. Todd. If you take the 58 percent of folks who say the health care law has not had much of an impact on them, and add the 27 percent who say it’s had a negative impact, according to your poll, suddenly you have 85 percent of the country saying the law has had a negative impact or no impact at all. Neat trick, isn’t it?

That's the liberal media's agenda; to paint President Obama in the best light so that he can pass legislation and then move on to other economic and social issues without a doubting public. What's amazing in all of this media spin to bolster Obamacare is that they are ignoring the fact that no one has purchased coverage - they have only enrolled - and no one has received any actual care under the new law to even make a judgment about satisfaction.

These glaring omissions are what allow the mainstream media carte blanche in advocating for their preferred liberal bias.  




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