Bobby Kennedy's Daughter on Piers Morgan: LaPierre an 'Assassin'

"Americans who don’t agree with Wayne LaPierre, who has been called an assassin, are gonna have to stand up and band together and start saying we demand change."

Piers Morgan’s gun control crusade continued Wednesday on Piers Morgan Live, as he found some new, particularly high-profile graves to stand on—those of JFK and Bobby Kennedy—to call for the reduction of Americans’ freedom to bear arms.

In an hour dedicated to remembering JFK on the 50th anniversary of his assassination, Morgan invited on the daughter of Bobby Kennedy, Kerry Kennedy. Near the end of the segment, he suddenly turned the discussion to gun control.

Morgan: Obviously both JFK and your father were shot dead with guns. And I read the other day that more Americans have been killed by guns since then than have died in all wars that America has been involved in for centuries. And also... one and half million Americans have died from guns since your father and your uncle. How will it ever change, if even their deaths coming so soon after each other didn’t really force much change? How do you see a breakthrough?

Kennedy started by thanking Morgan for his steadfast advocacy for gun control, which he fatalistically dismissed:

Morgan: I don’t feel the debate goes anywhere here.

Kerry Kennedy: Well, it’s hard, it’s hard. But I think that the only way we are going to make this happen is that Americans who don’t agree with Wayne LaPierre, who has been called an assassin, are gonna have to stand up and band together and start saying we demand change. We demand change of our politicians. We demand change of our leadership. And we’re not going to accept that guns run rampant anymore. You know there are more gun dealers in the United States than McDonald’s hamburger places. We have got to put an end to this craziness. Our children are dying in the streets. Our children are dying in our homes. We’ve got to stop it.

A few notes: Kennedy’s reference to Wayne LaPierre as an “assassin” is unclear. Perhaps she was referencing the University of Rhode Island history professor's call for the assassination of LaPierre. As for her McDonald’s stat, that’s true but includes all individuals who have obtained federal licenses to trade guns at gun shows. But being technically true doesn't make it relevant. As for Morgan, his track record on gun violence facts has been less than sterling.

Regardless, the flaw in Morgan's and Kennedy’s argument goes far deeper than statistics. As always with the Left, this is about controlling people, not guns, and the very laws they push to supposedly protect Americans would only leave them more vulnerable and, by design, dependent on the state.




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