SHAPIRO: 'It's Borderline a Jew-Hating Administration'

Appearing on Megyn Kelly

Appearing on Megyn Kelly Thursday, Ben Shapiro pulled no punches about the present Israel-Hamas war and the treatment of Israel by the Obama administration, which he called "the first administration in American history that is obviously anti-Israel." 

Here is a transcript of the exchange:

Kelly: We are told the terror group Hamas fired nearly 100 rockets into Israel today. Over 3.5 million Israelis, that’s almost half the country, now living under the constant threat of rocket attacks, and praying that Israel’s iron Dome defense system can keep them safe. Sop where is America? President Obama has been fundraising, he’s been playing pool, he’s been railing on Republicans here at home. Indeed, it was not until news spread today that leaders from around the globe including the UK Prime Minister, Angela Merkel of Germany and others had reached out to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that finally late today our president called the Israeli leader, one of our closest allies. Ben, we had five-Ban Ki Moon, of the UN, called Benjamin Netanyahu before we did. This hit the news that the White House was asked about it repeatedly “Has the president called Netanyahu? Has he called Netanyahu? Day after day it was no, no, no, no, and now with five world leaders- France beat us to it. France! Finally he calls him. What kind of a message does that send?

Shapiro: Well, it’s not just the message that’s sent by not calling; when he finally did call today-they released the transcript- and the transcript had President Obama suggesting that while Israel had the right to defend itself, the president would really prefer if Prime Minister Netanyahu and Israel really ratchet this down, take down the risk escalation in all of this. Asking a state that is under the constant threat of rocket attack aimed at civilian centers to ratchet down its targeting of those rockets, because this is what Israel does, I mean, they are literally warning the people who are standing around those rockets to get out, and Hamas, as you mentioned earlier, is telling people to stay around the rockets, women and children. How can you tell people to stop defending themselves? This is what the Obama Administration effectively is doing and has been doing for a long time, creating daylight between the United States and its really, its only ally in the Middle East at this point.

Kelly: How specifically, has the president done that, in your view?

Shapiro: In terms of creating daylight, the president of the United States had an opportunity at the beginning of last month. Hamas joined the Palestinian Authority. They created a unity government. The Palestinian Authority was supposedly the moderates; Hamas was supposed to be the terrorists. They created a unity government with Islamic Jihad. 88 senators-this is a bipartisan thing-88 senators wrote a letter to the president saying, you need to make US aid to the Palestinian Authority contingent on the breakup of that unity government. President Obama refused to do it.

Kelly: Because if he didn’t we’re basically funding a terror group. If we don’t make –if we didn’t do that we are basically funding a terror group, Hamas.

Shapiro: We are. We are currently funding a terror group to the tune of $440 million dollars a year because that is a unity government. This is a terror group recognized by the State Department ; it’s actually two of them, it’s Hamas and Islamic Jihad, working with the Palestinian Authority, They are currently firing rockets at Israel and our taxpayer dollars are going to that government.

Kelly: And it speaks specifically- because this war that we’re watching in Israel- and we stand at the precipice tonight, I mean, the latest reporting is that the likelihood of ground troops invading the Palestinian territory now, up to 40,000 they’re talking about now, Israeli soldiers potentially could be imminent. It could be imminent. I mean, all hell could be breaking loose there tonight, Ben. If Israel is in a full-blown war now with Palestine and Hamas, United States interests are directly, directly implicated. The catalyst, they say, for this latest terrible fighting was the murder of those three Israeli students, teenagers, who were kidnapped and murdered, and what did we do or say about that? Was there anything we could have done to stop this from escalating?

Shapiro: Absolutely. The same thing we could have done when they formed a unity government. Ten days after that unity government was formed, the three Jewish boys, including an American citizen, were kidnapped by Hamas operatives. The Obama Administration, the State Department condemned it, but they did not threaten to withdraw aid. For three weeks, the president of the United states himself said absolutely nothing, and then finally when he did say something, he said that Israel should act with restraint with regard to the people who had kidnapped and killed these boys. This is an anti-Israel administration; it’s the first administration in American history that is obviously anti-Israel; it’s borderline a Jew-hating administration-

Kelly: Wow, that’s tough.

Shapiro: There can be no question at this point that the daylight that has been created between the United States and Israel has emboldened Israel’s enemies and the enemies of the United States.

Kelly: How do you say that? The Iron Dome system that they are using so effectively in Israel tonight was largely funded in part by the United States, hundreds of millions of dollars under President Barack Obama.

Shapiro: Well, the president of the United States still is going to sign over money to Israel because it’s politically unpalatable not to do so. But that doesn’t mean that the president of the United States can’t undermine Israel’s ability to take out the people who are going after it. And that is what Israel needs to do. Iron Dome cannot defend Israel. Iron Dome can only stop a certain number of rockets that are coming in; it can’t stop all of them. We are seeing hundreds of rockets hit Israel, and we are seeing a small percentage of those being shot down, the most dangerous of those shot down by Iron Dome. The question; it’s only a matter of time until one of these rockets hits an Israeli population center and everybody in Israel and the United States knows it.

Kelly: It’s incredible to think of those millions of Israelis in basements and bunkers, right now, worrying about getting bombed to death. Ben Shapiro, thank you.





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