SCHLICHTER: Detonate the Narrative: Fight Back Against the Lies About Israel

If you don’t fight back against the lies about Israel, no one will.                

Now, as three more youths lie dead because of the Islamic terrorism the left tolerates when it doesn’t outright support, Israel needs you to stand up for it in your world, on Facebook, around your neighborhood, among your friends.  That means hitting back against a narrative built of lies.               

Before you detonate the left’s slanderous narrative about Israel, you need to understand exactly why the left hates Israel with such a burning rage:       

Israel is religious, and the left cannot tolerate any authority above its own.

Israel’s success demonstrates the primacy of the Western culture the left despises and reveals the utter failure of the impoverished, oppressed culture surrounding it.

Israel is Jewish.

And understand just how great that hatred is.  Palestinians, to great acclaim among their pathetic leaders, kidnapped three teenagers and murdered them in cold blood.  Barack Obama can barely be bothered to fake the concern he manifestly does not have.  And one was an American, but he was also Jewish so apparently that’s okay.

With this administration, shrugging its shoulders when Islamist freaks butcher US citizens appears to be standard operating procedure.

What you’ll face when defending Israel is a bizarro world of twisted morality.  You job is not to convince the Israel haters – you can’t.  They all fall somewhere on a scale running from gross stupidity to malignant hatred, and you aren’t going to change what passes for their minds.  Focus on the people who haven’t made up their minds.  Get them to think twice about where the candidates stands on Israel when they fill out their ballots.

What you need to do is remain focused and forceful.  Americans are generally nice people.  They wonder why Israel sometimes seems harsh to their untrained eyes – though in military terms Israel’s reactions are so measured and limited that their very restraint puts Israeli lives at risk.

When Roman citizens were murdered by local savages, the legions would show up, slaughter the men, sell the women and children into slavery, and sow the fields with salt.  If the Arab forces had the chance, they would try to do the same, but frankly they aren’t competent enough to coordinate an operation that complex, so they’d just murder everyone.

When it is victimized, Israel drops a few bombs after it makes absolutely sure no merely semi-guilty people are around, then it builds walls to keep the scumbags out.  And it gets zero credit for holding back. 

It gets zero credit for holding back because, while the left talks about the Israeli situation in moral terms, morals mean nothing to the left.  This is about power.  Israel refuses to bend to the left’s will and highlights the failure of the left’s friends.  It must be destroyed.  And for the left, the fact this means the end of the Jews is just icing on the cake.

Step One: Recognize that being anti-Israeli is being anti-Jewish.

Don’t buy the “I don’t hate Jews, I just hate Israel” scam.  That’s the left’s “But the dog ate my homework” excuse for what is manifestly the basis of their rage.  Don’t let them hide from it – confront them again and again with their slimy bigotry.

Step Two:  Demand acknowledgment of Israel’s right to exist.

Ask why they can’t spare one tiny sliver of desert (well, at least before the Jews made it flourish through brains and hard work) within the Middle East for a people who predate the Muslims by thousands of years.  It’s just one tiny piece – a piece where, by the way, Arabs are freer and more prosperous than anywhere else in the Middle East.

Push and push and push for them to concede Israel’s right to exist as an explicitly Jewish state surrounded by explicitly Muslim states.  If they won’t, you’ve demonstrated their bad faith.  If they do, push on to the next step.

Step Three:  Ask why Israel can’t defend itself.

And doesn’t every state have a right to self-defense?  What would America do if Mexico fired rockets into America – assuming, of course, it was a president other than Obama, who would likely apologize for US territory getting in the way of the missiles’ trajectory?

We’d blow it back to the Stone Age.  So why should Israel pussyfoot around with semi-humans who hurl random rockets hoping and praying they’ll land on a nursery school?

Yes, Israel built a wall to keep out pizza parlor bombers.  Isn’t it reasonable to build a wall to keep out pizza parlor bombers?  What, do you support pizza parlor bombers?  Then why don’t you want to stop them?

Step Four:  Force a decision – Is terrorism right or wrong?

So, is killing Israeli kids right or wrong?  Why do you excuse the murder of children?  Sure, in unarmed children the Palestinians have finally found some Israelis they can defeat, but the question is why should hundreds of millions in American tax dollars go to subsidize a people who clap like trained seals when they hear about one of their brave warriors shooting a tied-up teenager.

And don’t even get me started on the Palestinian partying on September 11, 2001.

You truly detonate the narrative when you force them to explain why we shouldn’t #StopFundingTerror.

Kurt Schlichter is a writer, Army veteran and trial lawyer in Los Angeles.  His new book, Conservative Insurgency: The Struggle to Take America Back 2009–2041 is now available on


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